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“What the hell are all these connections and social media for?”

I rarely choose to fall even further behind on my GTD Next Action list, by adding a comment to blogposts, which may never will be read, but your intriguing question caught me because I’ve been asking myself, for quite a … Continue reading

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Facebook and Collective Intelligence

It seems that Facebook can help members in “real-life” communities and networks to be more visible to themselves and increase their opportunity to think, feel, learn, and act together. That brings up two questions: What combination of current Fb apps … Continue reading

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” If our world is a living system of systems”

Sofia Bustamante wrote: > If our world is a living system of systems (holistically embedded), then the base concept of ecology must have biological connotations… I love both the depth of her insight and what it inspired me to see: … Continue reading

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All presencing is co-presencing

Talking about presence, Andrew Campbell wrote in email, what it means is not what it is — and does. It reminded me of Aurobindo’s saying, Man’s greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible. What … Continue reading

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Diving into the CI of what is emerging

In the months that gone by since I last wrote in the blog, I’ve been on a fast-pace learning journey into emergent CI, not as a concept but as the living experience of people gathering in circles, in various countries, … Continue reading

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Relationships enabled by the 4-fold ecosystem

This is a message as a comment on my earlier post of today on the 4-fold ecosystem of the CI field from David Beatty who has just asked me by email to post it for him because our spam-protecction software … Continue reading

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The 4-fold ecosystem of CI – an inquiry into our survival

There are two questions that frequently keep me awake in the night or wake me up in the morning. This morning, they did it again. They are: Shall we have the collective will and capacity to absorb the complexity of … Continue reading

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Visualizing social networks

Increasing the capacity of people and communities to visualize their (online) social networks is essential to the evolution of Collective Intelligence.
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Collective intellect augments individual

Scott Leslie wrote in his EdTechPost blog: “Don’t you just love when, in the process of thinking about an issue, you come to a question that you know others are looking at and that is more than you could handle … Continue reading

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