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Living into the Master Code of the Human Hive

I am because we are. I am writing this blog because a friend called my attention to Blog Action Day. I’m a blogger because somebody invented the blog and Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. I am who I … Continue reading

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Collecive intelligence tools for supporting global cooperative work

The stellar line up of workshops at the upcoming ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work reflects the edge of CSCW research, with profound implications for the global-scale cooperative work needed to mach global challenges. Technically, it has become possible to connect … Continue reading


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Autonomous commons groups as drivers of the transition, their CI, and the CI they are part of

A good interview opens new conversations by triggering more questions than it answers. I”m grateful to Christiana Wyly for interviewing James Quilligan and for the new questions that their conversation made possible to ask. “[T]he real epistemic break is happening … Continue reading

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“What the hell are all these connections and social media for?”

I rarely choose to fall even further behind on my GTD Next Action list, by adding a comment to blogposts, which may never will be read, but your intriguing question caught me because I’ve been asking myself, for quite a … Continue reading

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Facebook and Collective Intelligence

It seems that Facebook can help members in “real-life” communities and networks to be more visible to themselves and increase their opportunity to think, feel, learn, and act together. That brings up two questions: What combination of current Fb apps … Continue reading

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The power of open AND generative questions

Robert Bystrom wrote in his comment on the “Connectivity ramp, CI, and Jaron Lanier” blog entry. “Whenever you entertain an open question, you invite personal intelligence. Whenever a group entertains a shared question, they invite their collective intelligence.” Robert, the … Continue reading

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From states of collective consciousness to a new, higher stage of CI

“What would it take for us to remove any barriers to the emergence of collective consciousness, not just as an occasional peak experience but as a permanent ongoing capacity?”
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Collective Intelligence seen through Wilber’s quadrants

I’ve just read a fascinating sentence in Wilber’s One Taste: “Once we have integrated the body and the mind, it is much easier–and more likely–that growth can then continue beyond the body and mind, into the realms of soul and … Continue reading

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The idividual/community relationship

The change in human consciousness which we call the enlightenment is the most decisive force shaping our present society – its effects are still being worked out. In particular it has affected the relationship of the individual and society, and … Continue reading

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