School of Collective Intelligence in Morocco

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What is Collective Intelligence?

Collective Intelligence is a new field of knowledge with ancient roots. At its core is a simple insight about the nature of human beings: we have evolved to collaborate, and are more likely to succeed when we collaborate effectively.

From Thucydides to Ibn Khaldun, John Stuart Mill to Peter Senge, scholars through the ages have observed that groups can, under the right circumstances, build and preserve knowledge better than a single gifted individual. At the school of collective intelligence, we study the details of how these processes happen, and we build state-of-the-art tools to support new forms of knowledge sharing, knowledge aggregation, and collective decision-making.

The study of collective intelligence embraces many domains of inquiry:

  • Cognitive science, to understand the human mind, its biases and strengths
  • Data science, to understand how collective decisions can be better informed;
  • Organizational science, to develop new structures that favor effective collaboration;
  • Political innovation, to build more inclusive and effective institutions;
  • Facilitation, to develop the interpersonal skills needed to lead;
  • History, biology and ethics to tailor our skills to the present moment.



As a burgeoning field, the boundaries of collective intelligence are still being defined. At the UM6P School of Collective Intelligence (SCI), we have chosen to focus on cognition and systems as the core building blocks of our research offer.

We explore cognitive science, evolutionary biology, data science/AI, epistemology and ethics. Under the umbrella of systems, we look at computational systems, complex systems, participatory design, culture and behaviour change.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

Strengthening the links between research and real-world applications is at the core of the mission of the School of Collective Intelligence. The School encourages both researchers and students to develop methodologies and digital tools that harness collective intelligence to solve complex problems and promote a sustainable society.

We employ methodologies from the field of behavioral science, crowdsourcing, open innovation and collaborative innovation networks to optimize decision-making processes, creativity, and understanding of today’s challenges.

Working with world-class researchers and innovators to solve real-life problems, we develop solutions alongside industrial and public-sector actors.

Our innovation and technology-transfer strategy balances exploration and exploitation modes of innovation to ensure that research matches the actual needs of the organizations and communities.

Our innovation projects include tools and methods for :

  • Complex deliberation and cognitive diversity
  • Collective recruitment and engagement
  • Organizational network-mapping
  • Collaborative learning
  • Crowdsourced prediction


The School is committed to having a positive social and economic impact. UM6P School of Collective Intelligence will focus on high-impact projects for both the public and private sectors.

Source: UM6P SCI – Collective Intelligence

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