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“Saving the world differently…”

“Saving the world differently…”  was the title of an event, last February, which I’ve been waiting for with joyous anticipation. It was organized by the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), of which I am a … Continue reading


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What can dynamic views (in mapping emergent systems) enable?

In a comment to A tool for mapping the future as it’s emerging, Glisten wrote: > The visual mapping of an evolving system is not a trivial affair. If we create a map of our “current state” we only provide … Continue reading

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volcanic ash / distant proximities / Earth Commons rising / singularity / Teilhard de Chardin / Dilbert

In a conversation at CONTACT _Con-4191AF2D476 World-Citizen Panels about the irruption of the Icelandic volcano, Rolf Carriere wrote, “a beautiful example of distant proximities in our glocal world.” I googled “distant proximities” which led me to discover the book Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond … Continue reading

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Learning expedition into global-scale CI

One of my first inspirations that lead to the ideas about wrapping a conference in a blanket of collective intelligencewas “Learning Expedition into Higher Order Global Learning” (1990) a funding proposal that came two decades too early and never got funded. … Continue reading

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Facilitating the local/global dynamics of CI calls for a collective sensing organ

Robin Temple commented on the Chaordic Dialogue Practice blogpost. Instead replying to it in that thread of comments, I’ve chosen to put the thoughts that it triggered in a new entry, as to give more visibility to it and our … Continue reading

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Facebook and Collective Intelligence

It seems that Facebook can help members in “real-life” communities and networks to be more visible to themselves and increase their opportunity to think, feel, learn, and act together. That brings up two questions: What combination of current Fb apps … Continue reading

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A local-to-global definition of CI

Collective intelligence as “the property of systems whereby the collective behaviors of entities interacting locally with their environment cause coherent functional global patterns to emerge.”
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Going local to global to local with Duane Elgin

Duane Elgin has just visited Amsterdam and last Friday evening, CommunityIntelligence honored his visit with a dinner dialogue shared by 14 people, followed by delicious deliberations over not less delicious dessert.
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