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The Evidence Hub: Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of Communities to Build Evidence-Based Knowledge

“Conventional document and discussion websites provide users with no help in assessing the quality or quantity of evidence behind any given idea. Besides, the very meaning of what evidence is may not be unequivocally defined within a community, and may require deep … Continue reading


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Mindful Together: shared mindfulness amplifies

Good night, good morning Instead of talking about, can we try talking from and to mindfulness? From mine to yours, from yours to mine. Embodying it right here and now, as I’m writing these words, and you embodying it wherever … Continue reading

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An experiment to combine electronic and mindfulness amplification processes

To follow on what I started exploring in my note about the personal and transpersonal meaning of increased technical connectivity, I want to put some seeds in the ground about the possibility combine electronic and mindfulness processes that amplify  the connectivity in the … Continue reading

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A note about the personal and transpersonal meaning of increased technical connectivity

I like to watch YouTube vids while working out on my exercise bike. Since YouTube’s algorithms are getting as good at suggesting vids for me as Amazon does with books, usually I graze its recommendations page before jumping on my bike. … Continue reading

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Somewhere, on our way to humankind’s awakening…

Somewhere, on our way to humankind’s awakening to its collective wisdom, global heart, and sentience… self-organizing communities of co-creation and practice will master the combination of swarm intelligence ( see also starlings as teachers ) with wildfire learning (see chapter 7 in my Federated Framework for … Continue reading

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