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volcanic ash / distant proximities / Earth Commons rising / singularity / Teilhard de Chardin / Dilbert

In a conversation at CONTACT _Con-4191AF2D476 World-Citizen Panels about the irruption of the Icelandic volcano, Rolf Carriere wrote, “a beautiful example of distant proximities in our glocal world.” I googled “distant proximities” which led me to discover the book Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond … Continue reading

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CI 2.0 governed by meaning and evolutionary values

Tor Nørretranders, author of C i v i l i s a t i o n 2.0 has just opened Reboot 9 with an inspiring talk on what mae us human: Dare, Care and Share. To get his message across … Continue reading

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“Are you in for a phone call tonight?”

“Leaning into the unknown,
you will see the direction emerging from the space within,
in which an intensely present creative impulse meets
one of the calls from the Field that are asking for your attention.”
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Intersubjectivity in an organic pub

Every event has at least as many different stories as participants. That’s because our narratives come through the unique mix of sensibilities, attitudes, interests, etc. that we bring to the event. If so, let collective intelligence benefit from that uniqueness. This entry gives an idea of how.
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Different types of emergence?

Regarding the questions of emergence, Ken Wilber has a very interesting and powerful distinction between ‘individual holons‘ and ‘social holons‘. Each of them clearly illustrate 2 different types of emergence. Here is what he says in an interview: Briefly: individual … Continue reading

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What’s between individual and collective intelligence?

Charles Savage asked, “how it is possible to have a dynamic interaction so that as individuals value the intelligence (and emotions) of the other, the collective intelligence emerges?”
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How would we know, we reached tipping point?

“A high level of threshold would be evidenced when such planetary indicators of balance and vitality can be observed as the increasing rate at which hunger, poverty, and violence are decreasing.”
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