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The Next Platform

This seminal essay by Pierre Lévy, a thought leader in the field of collective intelligence states, “the next platform weaves five functions together: curation, creation, communication, transaction and immersion.  

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From hardware-based sensors of the physical to software-based sensors of the social

Quotes in this blogpost are from “Ecological Computing,” by John Seely Brown and Feng Zhao. Confluences and their combined confluence Looking back at the first decades of the third millennium, humans will see them as the era of the Great Transition, an … Continue reading

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Obama, collective intelligence, and Current TV

Al Gore made an intriguing comment about the presidential election at the recent Web 2.0 Summit. “One of the reasons we were all thrilled Tuesday night is it was pretty obvious this was a collectively intelligent decision.” That made me … Continue reading

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CI through the “political economy” lens

What was “collective intelligence” in the cognitive and evolutionary contexts, becomes “general intellect,” in the language of political economy. The difference is not only semantic. The general intellect embodied in the collective knowing of the society, embedded in all the … Continue reading

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Gaian democracies and CI

“The soft-systems approach to ‘wicked’ problems arising in complex human systems requires the people involved in the problem situation to be actively involved in a constant cycle of thinking, acting and learning together.” — Roy Madron & John Jopling
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Cross-fertilizing CI and civic intelligence

I know it’s a short notice but I’ve received the news only last night. The opportunity it represents for the cross-fertilization of the “collective intelligence” and the “civic intelligence” movements is just too important to not try to alert you all about it.
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Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, Polarization, and CI

The political sphere is deeply divided by partisan interests everywhere but probably nowhere more so than in the United States. Yet, not thinking of politics as a domain from which collective intelligence can emerge just as much as from business, scientific or blogging communities, is an oversight.
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