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Double helix of social evolution

Visiting with a friend in San Francisco, I picked up a book which probes the posibility that information transmitted by coherent biophotonic light that living cells–including our DNA–produce, can be received in defocalized state of consciousness. It’s “The Cosmic Serpent: … Continue reading

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Are we curious enough?

When explorers of the shape of things to come are curious enough of the patterns of meaning emerging from their interactions to continue their exploration with persistance, then the neural paths formed by them get stronger.
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Innervation leading to synchronicity?

The increasing number of nodes linked up in the global brain, and the increasing number of pathways connecting them, create increasing opprtunities for the Zeitgeist to express itself through the growing number of voices tuned with it.
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Cognitive relations, relations of knowledge production

I came across a germinal thought, the full appreciation of which is essential to understand the dynamics of the electronic and inner technologies of intellectual production. It comes from Pierre-Léonard Harvey, a professor of “communautique” at Université de Québec à … Continue reading

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