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Gaian democracies and CI

“The soft-systems approach to ‘wicked’ problems arising in complex human systems requires the people involved in the problem situation to be actively involved in a constant cycle of thinking, acting and learning together.” — Roy Madron & John Jopling
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Defining “Collective Intelligence”

“Collective intelligence” is a richly diverse domain of study and practice. Having an inclusive definition may help diverse practitioners work and explore together. One such definition might be simply:
Collective intelligence is the INTELLIGENCE of a COLLECTIVE,
which arises from one or more SOURCES.
Expanding on each of the highlighted terms in the definition allows us to paint an inclusive picture of the whole domain. (In my blog entry, I do that, and then add 17 definitions of CI found on the web.)
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Cross-fertilizing CI and civic intelligence

I know it’s a short notice but I’ve received the news only last night. The opportunity it represents for the cross-fertilization of the “collective intelligence” and the “civic intelligence” movements is just too important to not try to alert you all about it.
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What is CI? – a community approach to define it

There are as many definitions of CI as different kinds of discipline-oriented or mission-oriented communities practicing it. I imagine that CI for the intelligence community, or marketers using it for predicting consumer trends, has a meaning quite different from what I suggested, in an evolutionary perspective, to use by a potential community of evolutionary agents.
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