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Wrapping the conference in a blanket of collective intelligence (CI)

Since I published The Quest for Collective Intelligence in the anthology on “Community Building: Renewing Spirit and learning in Business” (1995), I knew that a moment will come within my lifetime, when all what we know about CI will need … Continue reading

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Collective intelligence in service of Reboot

Reboot is “Calling all practical visionaries of the world!” It’s an event to reboot our minds, play on the edge of technology, and re-dream our culture. Its is a brainchild of Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, in its 9th successful year, happening in … Continue reading

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CI in the dialog between life sciences and management of organisations

The French chapter of the Society for Organizational Learning had conference on the “EMERGENCE OF COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: a dialog between Life Sciences and Management of organisations.” Its aim was to explore the state of the art in each of these … Continue reading

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Knowledge Management meets Collective Intelligence

I’ve just learned that the Southern California Cluster of KM Clusters will hold a “Collective Intelligence Networks” event in Los Angeles , Feb. 22, 2007. I wish I could be there but it’s unlikely that I can fly to the … Continue reading

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CI in Denmark

Under the name CIPI, Collective Intelligence Practitioners Initiative, a loosely organized group of 15-20 people in Denmark, identifying themselves as practioneers (experienced, beginners, becoming, whatever…) in the field of CI, meets regularly for two day sessions of inquiry. Participation is … Continue reading

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How local meetings w/global experts can boost CI

This entry is copied from an email exchange with ChrisMacrae, with his permission. He wrote: > the need of deep foreign experts who travel through London to find 10 disciples (in any way that disciples can help as the opposite of audiences … Continue reading

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Technologies of CI

Technologies of Collective Intelligence, two-day seminar (in French) at Collège de Polytechnique, in Paris. next sessions: 03.07.01-02 03.12.18-19 website is here

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