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Collective intelligence needs guidance from collective wisdom

Both CI and CW have many definitions, depending on the lens of the discipline (or our developmental stage on theSpiral), through which we look at them. My current articulation of what is CI is this: Collective intelligence is the capacity … Continue reading

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The size of one’s life

“Life Shrinks or Expands in proportion to one’s courage. ” – Anais Nin The story of this unusual portray Called “Anais Nin: Come As Your Madness” Is here.

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C’est par amour que nous changeons l’histoire…

In her response to my blog entry on “Why we need an English edition of this site” Michelle Holliday, wrote: > how can we nurture enough cross-pollination between language groups to support the collective intelligence of this group? I’m grateful to … Continue reading

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Wrapping the conference in a blanket of collective intelligence (CI)

Since I published The Quest for Collective Intelligence in the anthology on “Community Building: Renewing Spirit and learning in Business” (1995), I knew that a moment will come within my lifetime, when all what we know about CI will need … Continue reading

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Learning expedition into global-scale CI

One of my first inspirations that lead to the ideas about wrapping a conference in a blanket of collective intelligencewas “Learning Expedition into Higher Order Global Learning” (1990) a funding proposal that came two decades too early and never got funded. … Continue reading

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