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Definitions of Collective Intelligence

ONLINE DEFINITIONS OF COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE There are many definitions of collective intelligence available online. Below are the one’s I found so far. Some of them are edited to make them readable as definitions. Most define what I would consider only … Continue reading

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Growth of Collective Intelligence by Linking Knowledge Workers through Social Media

Collective intelligence can be defined, very broadly, as groups of individuals that do things collectively, and that seem to be intelligent. Collective intelligence has existed for ages. Families, tribes, companies, countries, etc., are all groups of individuals doing things collectively, … Continue reading

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CI as collective consciousness in action (both being and doing)

Yet another definition: “Mastering collective intelligence is the deliberate exercising of collective consciousness in action (both being & doing) where we can see and recognise the steps, relationships and rational process that is contributing to the power and potential of … Continue reading

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Elements of collective intelligence in organizational context

collective intelligence — “The capacity of a social organism, such as a corporation, to: sense its needs and that of its environment (stakeholders) generate choices that will satisfy those collective needs anticipate the consequences of those choices to make choices … Continue reading

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CI through the “cognitive” lens, Pierre Lévy

“The expression ‘collective intelligence’ relates to an extensive body of knowledge and thoughts concerned with several objects that have been diversely labeled: distributed cognition, distributed knowledge systems, global brain, super-brain, global mind, group mind, ecology of mind, hive mind, learning … Continue reading

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CI 2.0 governed by meaning and evolutionary values

Tor Nørretranders, author of C i v i l i s a t i o n 2.0 has just opened Reboot 9 with an inspiring talk on what mae us human: Dare, Care and Share. To get his message across … Continue reading

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A source document for Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence as a Field of Multi-disciplinary Study and Practice by Tom Atlee and George Por In this paper we define intelligence as the ability to interact successfully with one’s world, especially in the face of challenge or change. Human … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 marries collective intelligence

I’ve just come across yet another interesting, simple but somehow limiting definition of how collective intelligence is achieved, in the The Hype and the Hullabaloo of Web 2.0 by Ellyssa Kroski: “Companies that adhere to Web 2.0 principles understand how … Continue reading

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Forms of Collective Intelligence

There are many forms, manifestation of CI, and correspondingly, many “tribes” of its practitioners. This is an abbreviated overview. A more detailed inventory by Tom Atlee can be found here. a. Dialogic CI — A diverse group of participants suspend their … Continue reading

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A local-to-global definition of CI

Collective intelligence as “the property of systems whereby the collective behaviors of entities interacting locally with their environment cause coherent functional global patterns to emerge.”
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