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What are Blogs for

I have had a hard time understanding why blogs were so different from usual forums. George helped me build my own answers (in words and concept I understand). Forums are made for building and following conversations under a defined topic … Continue reading

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Towards an attention economy of CI

“I didn’t adequately address ‘…the bipolarity opposition between the Net and the Self.’  Note to self, need another framework to explain how self-serving utility pursuits result in emergent value.  Note to Net, feel free to chime in.” from Ross Mayfield’s … Continue reading


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Collective intellect augments individual

Scott Leslie wrote in his EdTechPost blog: “Don’t you just love when, in the process of thinking about an issue, you come to a question that you know others are looking at and that is more than you could handle … Continue reading

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“Shared-attention” & attention ecology

Professor Pierre Levy wrote: > Dear coach, I will be very interested by your advice about expanding attention bandwidth and – therefore – time. 🙂 Let me start with the model that I developed a few years ago to help … Continue reading

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Seed 4 a collab. inquiry into p.bandwidth

Augmenting our personal bandwidth, the elasticity of our attention, is one of the ways, in which we can contribute to augment our collective intelligence. If that hypothesis is true, then any learning partnership of 2 or more people should be … Continue reading

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