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“CI — exploring the the next step in human evolution:

Could collective intelligence be the foundation for the next social and spiritual revolution?” Craig did it! Craig Hamilton, one of the four editors of the “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine pulled together an amazing issue on collective intelligence. The magazine’s website … Continue reading


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How do value memes affect the emergence of CI

“Will a group of wise individuals turn into a wise group or can it turn in a global mess with umpredictable side effects?”
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Different types of emergence?

Regarding the questions of emergence, Ken Wilber has a very interesting and powerful distinction between ‘individual holons‘ and ‘social holons‘. Each of them clearly illustrate 2 different types of emergence. Here is what he says in an interview: Briefly: individual … Continue reading

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What’s between individual and collective intelligence?

Charles Savage asked, “how it is possible to have a dynamic interaction so that as individuals value the intelligence (and emotions) of the other, the collective intelligence emerges?”
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How would we know, we reached tipping point?

“A high level of threshold would be evidenced when such planetary indicators of balance and vitality can be observed as the increasing rate at which hunger, poverty, and violence are decreasing.”
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Emergent learning is figuring itself out

Jay Cross wrote some truly thought-provoking comments on Shift Happens! > Okay, George, so you’re looking for a phase change, the creation of something new & different. Yes, indeed! To be more precise, I’m one in the thousands of voices … Continue reading

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Phase transition from the unconscious social mind

Blogs are considered by a leading social scientist and business visionary, as tools for “phase transition from within the informal social networks to the public recognition and mainstream media.”
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Collective consciousness: a “peer to peer” phenomenon?

I woke up in the middle of the night after a very inspiring dinner conversation with a friend. I woke up from deep sleep, a state of consciousness, in which there’s only the formless ground of being, the source of … Continue reading

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Shift Happens!

giving sustained attention to one another’s highest aspirations and discovering the common patterns that pull us into a future worth collaborating for…
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The emergence of CI, an online experiment

How can a group of individual intelligences become truly collective intelligence? How can they escape into a more complex and capable collective intelligence, without sacrificing their autonomy?
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