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“Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All”

In February, I wrote about Tom Atlee, pioneer of “co-intelligence”, whom I have the honor to call a friend. Tom talks about the following 5 dimensions of co-intelligence: multi-modal intelligence, collaborative intelligence, wisdom, collective intelligence and universal intelligence. His definitions … Continue reading


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Explaining collective intelligence to non-specialists

Here is below how I explain to non-specialists what is collective intelligence and why it deserves to become a science.

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From networked individualism to “we” blogs

The blogging paradigm is barely 10 years old and its narcistic “beauty contest” tendency can be explained with what Shelley Powers compared to “our teen years with our fixation on popularity. S/he with the most links, wins.”
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Concept vehicles

George Por just wrote in the Blog of Collective Intelligence: Being “hypertinent” Hypertinence keeps gaining momentum through the emergence of the current crop of social software (blogs, wikis, p2p forums, free co-authoring and translation tools and services, etc.) that has … Continue reading

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Social thermodynamics and mapping the world

Today most intranets and information systems rely on administrator-oriented tools: you must fill in pre-defined forms, upload reports, update databases, provide complete profile information, etc. Such predesigned tools and interfaces are built upon "mass market" rules, i.e. one same item … Continue reading

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Being “hypertinent”

I’ve just picked up an interview that Derrick De Kerckhove gave a year ago in TheFeature :: It’s All About The Mobile Internet. Here’s why I blog it. I’m in the process of trying to organize my thoughts about the … Continue reading

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Collective Consciousness

Collective Intelligence (CI), Collective Wisdom (CW), and Collective Consciousness (CC) are all very different phenomena. All of them have many definitions and descriptions, through the lens of various disciplines. To use them effectively, in ways that enable coherent discourse and … Continue reading

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Knowledge <- Intelligence <- Wisdom

A glitch in the operating system of my computer has cut me from the Web for two days, which was challenging in many ways, but also giving me some interesting insights. I was not away from the Web for two … Continue reading

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