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on hypertrails between vistas, which we create by walking on them

Good tools always have unintended uses stumbled upon by its individual and collective users. Hopefully, that will be the case of élan map, too. I can hardly wait for its alpha version to manifest so that we can start playing … Continue reading

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on junto, élan, Kosmic synchronicity, and movement cartography

“We are at a critical point in human history, where as a globally interdependent society, we must learn how to lower these barriers, share information, collaborate, and cocreate value in new ways.” @VenessaMiemis Learning how to learn that, and sharing … Continue reading

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Conversation transcript-> mindmap-> semantic web-> sane sentient AI

Imaginal cells in the protoplasm, from which the new civilization is emerging, discover the current state of their fluid identity, by being engaged in generative conversations with one another.  When we collaborate using the currently available tools, we are able … Continue reading

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Practices and Processes for boosting CI

…we need to develop methods of information harvesting and storage that are able to co-evolve with the contributions and constantly improving insights of the collaborators.
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Elements of collective intelligence in organizational context

collective intelligence — “The capacity of a social organism, such as a corporation, to: sense its needs and that of its environment (stakeholders) generate choices that will satisfy those collective needs anticipate the consequences of those choices to make choices … Continue reading

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The social tetrahedron: a step towards prototyping Indra’s Net

“The user profile can also show people and initiatives that one values as part of an ‘extended’, empathic self. This can be done by dragging and dropping other profiles into one’s tetrahedron, much as Twitter allows one to follow admired … Continue reading

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from CI to collective wisdom in Silicon valley

Just picked up on Twitter this link to a 6-min vid on YouTube about: Then I found the conference’s website and, thanks to Albert Klamt, its Facebook page. I feel meme deserve our support to move beyond Silicon Valley; let’s … Continue reading

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