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Gartner and the economic imperative of collective intelligence

InformationWeek reports that Gartner Inc. “identified the technologies it believes will have the greatest impact on businesses over the next 10 years, naming such hot areas as social-network analysis, collective intelligence, location-aware applications and event-driven architectures Collective intelligence was rated … Continue reading

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The power of open AND generative questions

Robert Bystrom wrote in his comment on the “Connectivity ramp, CI, and Jaron Lanier” blog entry. “Whenever you entertain an open question, you invite personal intelligence. Whenever a group entertains a shared question, they invite their collective intelligence.” Robert, the … Continue reading

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Connectivity ramp, CI, and Jaron Lanier

I’ve just finished reading an amazing book by Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor at of the Washington Post, titled “Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies — and What It Means to Be Human.” … Continue reading

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Chance and choice experiences, presencing as community art

Andrew Campbell wrote somewhere, “The more whole and integrated each person the chances for choices are increased…” I may have found that sentence in the context of his conversation with de Lange on the Learning Organizations list, 5 years ago. … Continue reading

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Escaping from the Museum of the 20th Century

As I woke up, I immediately knew: the meaning of this dream will grow with me, keep unfolding; I will see clearer the guidance that Im getting from it, over the years. At the time of that dream, in the … Continue reading

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