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Cultivating collective wisdom

I believe the confluence of academic research, business innovation, smart social movements, and viral collaboration technologies, is a potent booster for collective intelligence. It would be interesting to find a way to test that hypothesis. Shouldn’t we measure the evolution … Continue reading

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Lenses for looking at “co-intelligence”

There are many lenses through which “co-intelligence” can be and are studied. In this blog, I will to introduce you my favorite lenses crafted by people whose work has been inspiring my own passion for the field. They come from: … Continue reading

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Invitation to this blog journey ~

We cannot fathom the full power of humankind’s collective intellect, let alone its collective intelligence. But we can ask ourselves, how come that we still have wars, hunger, polution, suicide, and other man-imposed ills, if we’re so mart? (By “intellect” … Continue reading

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