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CI through the “cognitive” lens, Pierre Lévy

“The expression ‘collective intelligence’ relates to an extensive body of knowledge and thoughts concerned with several objects that have been diversely labeled: distributed cognition, distributed knowledge systems, global brain, super-brain, global mind, group mind, ecology of mind, hive mind, learning … Continue reading


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Growing better CI through better mental modeling

I woke up this morning with some insights about the relationship between mental modeling and collective intelligence. They seem new but one never knows; I could have already thought of them years ago or somebody else may have done so. … Continue reading

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“The Wisdom of Crowds” and the colors of collective intelligence

about “The Wisdom of Crowds” and the colors of collective intelligence
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Cognitive relations, relations of knowledge production

I came across a germinal thought, the full appreciation of which is essential to understand the dynamics of the electronic and inner technologies of intellectual production. It comes from Pierre-Léonard Harvey, a professor of “communautique” at Université de Québec à … Continue reading

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