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Heard in the Techno-progressive Pub…

The other day, I went to a meeting of London Futurists with the title When linearity met exponential – a summer at Singularity University. As expected, the conversation  was focused on various technological aspects of our future.  Towards the end I … Continue reading

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Dr. Peter H. Diamandis — We are evolving into meta-intelligence group-minds

See on – The Wisdom Frontier Dr. Peter H. Diamandis — Abundance Abundance Physician, entrepreneur, founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation. Author of Abundance… George Por‘s insight: This video is one of the pitch vids  selling … Continue reading

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Building the Arks

I feel this is a “building the Arks” time on Earth, vehicles built by our collective intelligence, competence, and wisdom, which should not leak while sailing to the other shore on the stormy waters of complexity and singularity waves. Where … Continue reading

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CI, AI, UI or just I?

The term “Collective Intelligence” is sufficiently vague and positive that it is quite easy to agree that of course we want it. We want to be smarter together.  But we might imply quite different subtexts when we talk with each … Continue reading

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volcanic ash / distant proximities / Earth Commons rising / singularity / Teilhard de Chardin / Dilbert

In a conversation at CONTACT _Con-4191AF2D476 World-Citizen Panels about the irruption of the Icelandic volcano, Rolf Carriere wrote, “a beautiful example of distant proximities in our glocal world.” I googled “distant proximities” which led me to discover the book Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond … Continue reading

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