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Movie watching as transparent communication

I’ve just come home form Curzon Renoir, an art cinema in London, where I watched Kuma. “Kuma” is a Turkish word that means “second wife”, describing the women drawn into a traditional, polygamous Muslim family at a later stage, by … Continue reading


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Our steady attention…

Our steady attention to what is moving us in the luminous moments of co-inspiration transforms the fleeting experience into continuous celebration of the awakening of the collective learner to its potential for higher intelligence and wisdom, capable to hold more … Continue reading

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Chance and choice experiences, presencing as community art

Andrew Campbell wrote somewhere, “The more whole and integrated each person the chances for choices are increased…” I may have found that sentence in the context of his conversation with de Lange on the Learning Organizations list, 5 years ago. … Continue reading

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Escaping from the Museum of the 20th Century

As I woke up, I immediately knew: the meaning of this dream will grow with me, keep unfolding; I will see clearer the guidance that Im getting from it, over the years. At the time of that dream, in the … Continue reading

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All presencing is co-presencing

Talking about presence, Andrew Campbell wrote in email, what it means is not what it is — and does. It reminded me of Aurobindo’s saying, Man’s greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible. What … Continue reading

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From intersubjectivity to collective objectivity: a socioeconomic imperative

“The intersubjectivity is the dropping of ego boundaries and awakening to the Authentic Self simultaneously with other people. But in this there is the emergence of an unprecedented potential for collective objectivity — which is everything! To me, that’s more important than anything else. Form a certain point of view, our future may depend on it. I mean,that’s the ultimate coming together. And in that coming together, a creative potential and source of, as you said, discriminating wisdom emerge that otherwise could never be accessed. That’s the ground from which we can begin to deal with just about anything and solve our real problems from a truly awakened, enlightened perspective. And what’s even more exciting is that as this thing emerges and gets stronger, it seems to get easier and easier for new people to have the experience.” — Andrew Cohen in conversation with Ken Wilber
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Intersubjectivity in an organic pub

Every event has at least as many different stories as participants. That’s because our narratives come through the unique mix of sensibilities, attitudes, interests, etc. that we bring to the event. If so, let collective intelligence benefit from that uniqueness. This entry gives an idea of how.
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What’s between individual and collective intelligence?

Charles Savage asked, “how it is possible to have a dynamic interaction so that as individuals value the intelligence (and emotions) of the other, the collective intelligence emerges?”
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One Mind

Shortly after quoting David Bohm on the need to develop a higher collective intelligence, in my blog entry related to Andrew Cohen’s ‘Intersubjective Enlightenment’, I’ve discovered another gem from Bohm. It became yet another source of my inspiration to create … Continue reading

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Intersubjective Enlightenment

In the Spring/Summer issue of “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine, there’s a remarkable exchange between spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber that touches the very heart of and upgrades my concerns for collective intelligence.
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