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Report on the first contemplative co-tweeting, Part 2: The emergent story

There’s a story emerging from the tweets of our experiment, or to be more precise, as many stories as people care for re-reading them (in the files posted here), and connecting them into a bouquet of meaning. Those flowers of … Continue reading

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Report on the first contemplative co-tweeting, Part 1: What happened

Twitter is an intensely personal experience, yet a communal one, at the same time. However, those two dimensions never meet. Our individual tweets create the value of the whole, yet we only benefit individually from the information we receive or … Continue reading

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Experiment in contemplative co-tweeting

This blogpost builds on and extends the ideas introduced in the Chaordic Dialogue Practice. Both there and here, I am passionately curious of what would become possible, what we could gain access to individually and together, if we decided to … Continue reading

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Autonomous commons groups as drivers of the transition, their CI, and the CI they are part of

A good interview opens new conversations by triggering more questions than it answers. I”m grateful to Christiana Wyly for interviewing James Quilligan and for the new questions that their conversation made possible to ask. “[T]he real epistemic break is happening … Continue reading


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