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A note about the personal and transpersonal meaning of increased technical connectivity

I like to watch YouTube vids while working out on my exercise bike. Since YouTube’s algorithms are getting as good at suggesting vids for me as Amazon does with books, usually I graze its recommendations page before jumping on my bike. … Continue reading

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Letting collective intelligence use me for organizing itself

I emailed a tweet I’ve just stumbled upon in my tweetstream to a colleague because I knew it had to do with one of her interests. We cannot spend all our time on hanging out in the stream but the … Continue reading

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Blessed confusion – being overwhelmed by choices on the edge

A friend of mine wrote in an email,  “I’m in a wonderful space of confusion where I feel I’m shape shifting – my attention drawn in many new directions and calling forth different aspects of my being.” Thinking that his … Continue reading

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Conversation transcript-> mindmap-> semantic web-> sane sentient AI

Imaginal cells in the protoplasm, from which the new civilization is emerging, discover the current state of their fluid identity, by being engaged in generative conversations with one another.  When we collaborate using the currently available tools, we are able … Continue reading


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What can dynamic views (in mapping emergent systems) enable?

In a comment to A tool for mapping the future as it’s emerging, Glisten wrote: > The visual mapping of an evolving system is not a trivial affair. If we create a map of our “current state” we only provide … Continue reading

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Our steady attention…

Our steady attention to what is moving us in the luminous moments of co-inspiration transforms the fleeting experience into continuous celebration of the awakening of the collective learner to its potential for higher intelligence and wisdom, capable to hold more … Continue reading

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How well can collective self-reflexivity scale?

I woke up this morning 4 o’clock and not only because the jetlag. Yesterday was the first day of the first World Café Research Conference. Due to the delay of the flight from New York, I arrived late and when … Continue reading

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The power of open AND generative questions

Robert Bystrom wrote in his comment on the “Connectivity ramp, CI, and Jaron Lanier” blog entry. “Whenever you entertain an open question, you invite personal intelligence. Whenever a group entertains a shared question, they invite their collective intelligence.” Robert, the … Continue reading

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Escaping from the Museum of the 20th Century

As I woke up, I immediately knew: the meaning of this dream will grow with me, keep unfolding; I will see clearer the guidance that Im getting from it, over the years. At the time of that dream, in the … Continue reading

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All presencing is co-presencing

Talking about presence, Andrew Campbell wrote in email, what it means is not what it is — and does. It reminded me of Aurobindo’s saying, Man’s greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible. What … Continue reading

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