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The Power of Collective Wisdom

In a world facing increasing complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty, it is both good and necessary to be reminded of deeper truths and practical principles for creating lasting change. This book is for leaders, groups, communities, and networks desiring to increase … Continue reading


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WiserWorldWeb – Collaborative Inquiry on Collective Intelligence

WiserWorldWeb – Collaborative Inquiry on Collective Intelligence is an effort to bring together people who are advancing the collective understanding of collective intelligence. It is a space where a wide variety of thinkers can share their thought on collective wisdom, … Continue reading

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Too many awesome teachers?

A Path for Warriors for the Human Spirit offered by Margaret Wheatley “We are committed to act in ways that make it possible for people to experience their human potential. We aspire to be a discerning, compassionate, sane presence in the most … Continue reading

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Evolution’s engine picking up steam

  Evolution’s engine is picking up steam. Those on the edge are entertained by a dazzling firework of opportunities. To choose well, engaging the flow for the highest impact, the collective mind has to access collective wisdom, swiftly. Practice, practice, practice!

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From Right Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience

Abstracts of paper invited to Spanda Journal’s special issue on Collective Intelligence   Without an ethical foundation grounded in the common good and an integral, evolutionary worldview, the currently trending mindfulness practices and trainings risk to reduce a radical, ancient wisdom … Continue reading

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Movie watching as transparent communication

I’ve just come home form Curzon Renoir, an art cinema in London, where I watched Kuma. “Kuma” is a Turkish word that means “second wife”, describing the women drawn into a traditional, polygamous Muslim family at a later stage, by … Continue reading

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The wisdom of asking “let me pause…”

I’ve just watched this video interview of Soren Gordhamer by Karen May, Google’s VP of Leadership & Talent, at the last Wisdom 2.0 conference, and felt so inspired that couldn’t resist to share it, and some of my reflections and inner … Continue reading

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Empowering Public Wisdom

See on – The Wisdom Frontier Excerpt from Tom Atlee’s essay: The public, as the collective supreme ruler of our democracy, has tremendous responsibility. The public needs to be able to find its own wisdom—public wisdom. COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE AND … Continue reading

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Video interview with Iceland’s president – how they saved their economy | Bright Green

See on – The Wisdom Frontier Davos, as someone else has said, is where the rich gather to work out how to get richer. See on

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Student Prize Competition: Enhancing Humanity’s Collective Wisdom

See on – The Wisdom Frontier   Open to students in: Science, Economics, Sociology, Law, History, & Politics £2,000 first prize + smaller prizes Length: Two pages Deadline Extended: March 15, 2013 Humanity has become more and more connected, … Continue reading

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