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Community straddling

I wrote about multi-membership in 2002, in blog (that a tech glitch wiped out): “Cross-functional individuals belong to multiple communities of practice, and it is the multi-membership that gives them the boundary-spanning multi-perspective, from which they can see radical innovation … Continue reading


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Technologies of CI

Technologies of Collective Intelligence, two-day seminar (in French) at Collège de Polytechnique, in Paris. next sessions: 03.07.01-02 03.12.18-19 website is here

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“Collective intelligence” is defined

“Collective intelligence” is defined as the capacity of human communities to co-operate intellectually in creation, innovation and invention. from the news announcing the research program on “Collective intelligence” at the University of Ottawa

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Canada Research Chair on Collective Intelligence

Pierre Lévy, author of Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, is heading the Canada Research Chair on Collective Intelligence at the University of Ottawa. He has graciously accepted my invotation to co-author this blog. I hope he is going … Continue reading

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What is Collective Intelligence

– “Intelligence” refers to the main cognitive powers: perception, action planning and coordination, memory, imagination and hypothesis generation, inquisitiveness and learning abilities. – The expression “collective intelligence” designates the cognitive powers of a group. These cognitive powers are closely related … Continue reading

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Content distribution network

In an email someone wrote about blogging, “Think of it as an alternative underground content distribution network.” I sent the following reply, then thought to post it here to, for the record and the sake those of those who seek … Continue reading

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Culturally strategic AND operational

Joe “Synchronicity“ Jaworski is not only an eloquent speaker and guru of “collaborative leadership; he is also a deeply genuine person. Since I saw him at a gathering of organizational learning professionals in Bretton Woods, in the early 90’s, I … Continue reading

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Taxonomies help meaning emerge from conversations

Knowledge and meaning can emerge from the blog conversations more easily than discussion forums becaue we can conveniently add one or more categories to our entries and couple their chronological flow with a flexible taxonomy. CPs don’t only start defining … Continue reading

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In search of tools for collaborative taxonomy building

Luis, a member of our team, wrote in the team blog, “I like to use the blog to capture passing bits and blurbs of information that I know could be handy to all of us, but for which it is … Continue reading

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What is so exciting about blogging?

Reading Using Blogs in Business is a similarly powerful experience as it was to read Murray Turoff’s Network Nation 20 years ago! One of the differences though is that Turoff had to wait 15 years for his vision of a … Continue reading

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