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Community straddling

I wrote about multi-membership in 2002, in blog (that a tech glitch wiped out): “Cross-functional individuals belong to multiple communities of practice, and it is the multi-membership that gives them the boundary-spanning multi-perspective, from which they can see radical innovation … Continue reading

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Technologies of CI

Technologies of Collective Intelligence, two-day seminar (in French) at Collège de Polytechnique, in Paris. next sessions: 03.07.01-02 03.12.18-19 website is here

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“Collective intelligence” is defined

“Collective intelligence” is defined as the capacity of human communities to co-operate intellectually in creation, innovation and invention. from the news announcing the research program on “Collective intelligence” at the University of Ottawa

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Canada Research Chair on Collective Intelligence

Pierre Lévy, author of Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, is heading the Canada Research Chair on Collective Intelligence at the University of Ottawa. He has graciously accepted my invotation to co-author this blog. I hope he is going … Continue reading

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What is Collective Intelligence

– “Intelligence” refers to the main cognitive powers: perception, action planning and coordination, memory, imagination and hypothesis generation, inquisitiveness and learning abilities. – The expression “collective intelligence” designates the cognitive powers of a group. These cognitive powers are closely related … Continue reading

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Content distribution network

In an email someone wrote about blogging, “Think of it as an alternative underground content distribution network.” I sent the following reply, then thought to post it here to, for the record and the sake those of those who seek … Continue reading

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Culturally strategic AND operational

Joe “Synchronicity“ Jaworski is not only an eloquent speaker and guru of “collaborative leadership; he is also a deeply genuine person. Since I saw him at a gathering of organizational learning professionals in Bretton Woods, in the early 90’s, I … Continue reading

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