Taxonomies help meaning emerge from conversations

Knowledge and meaning can emerge from the blog conversations more easily than discussion forums becaue we can conveniently add one or more categories to our entries and couple their chronological flow with a flexible taxonomy.
CPs don’t only start defining themselves by defining their domain of practice, they also continually redefining that domain through their daily practice. CPs continually ARE constituting themselves by the practice of shared meaning making.
Collaborative taxonomy building tools are essential to pursue that, in any complex domain. We need to use taxonomy tools for linking the conversation flows with the community’s dynamic knowledge repositories. That has been the Grail of my quest for collective intelligence since 1987, the first Hypertext conference. Now we have it, or almost…

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3 Responses to Taxonomies help meaning emerge from conversations

  1. Weblogs could be for entering into deep discussions with like-minded people. It’s for meeting new people in a more intimate environment
    Blogs are to Bulletin Boards what a little café table on the streets of Paris are to official dinners in restaurants.


  2. John Kellden says:

    How would a blog look like that could be seen as those café-tables where the big conversations took place ?


  3. George says:

    John, what a wonderful question? Do you want to author an entry to sketch out what your intuition may respond to it?


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