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Spontaneous combustion

Breakthrough emergence to a new form of civilization at a higher level of harmonized complexity is like spontaneous combustion. The more transformational movements get exposed to and enter into functional alignment with each other, the closer is the tipping point. … Continue reading


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” If our world is a living system of systems”

Sofia Bustamante wrote: > If our world is a living system of systems (holistically embedded), then the base concept of ecology must have biological connotations… I love both the depth of her insight and what it inspired me to see: … Continue reading

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The collective intelligence of functional mutations

Evolution’s Edge from Best Futures says: Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all the necessary elements of a sustainable system will develop quickly enough to prevent irreversible environmental and social damage. Major evolutionary transformations only occur after a critical number … Continue reading

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Connectivity ramp, CI, and Jaron Lanier

I’ve just finished reading an amazing book by Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor at of the Washington Post, titled “Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies — and What It Means to Be Human.” … Continue reading

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Why to invest our time and attention in an Integral Operating System

I started reading the work-in-progress online Excerpts from Wilber’s forthcoming “Kosmic Karma and Creativity” and found the gems quoted below. They are followed by my burning questions. “[T]he technological revolution can speed through the social system extremely quickly–leaving the old … Continue reading

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The challenge of co-intelligent economy

“I’d like to see greater understanding, application, and nurturance of ALL dimensions and types of collective intelligence — even such mundane factors as designing economic measures of success such that the self-organizing market dynamics that get motivated by those measures (and the rewards associated with them) automatically generate outcomes that serve the quality of life of all who live within that economic system.” –Tom Atlee
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From states of collective consciousness to a new, higher stage of CI

“What would it take for us to remove any barriers to the emergence of collective consciousness, not just as an occasional peak experience but as a permanent ongoing capacity?”
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How would we know, we reached tipping point?

“A high level of threshold would be evidenced when such planetary indicators of balance and vitality can be observed as the increasing rate at which hunger, poverty, and violence are decreasing.”
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