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Growth of Collective Intelligence by Linking Knowledge Workers through Social Media

Collective intelligence can be defined, very broadly, as groups of individuals that do things collectively, and that seem to be intelligent. Collective intelligence has existed for ages. Families, tribes, companies, countries, etc., are all groups of individuals doing things collectively, … Continue reading

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Chaordic Chat Practice / social media jedis / ContemplaTweet

Chaordic Chat is a practice for social media jedis, I don’t use the “jedi” metaphor lightly but in its original meaning: jedis are bound to a code of morality and justice and are trained in the use of the light … Continue reading

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“What the hell are all these connections and social media for?”

I rarely choose to fall even further behind on my GTD Next Action list, by adding a comment to blogposts, which may never will be read, but your intriguing question caught me because I’ve been asking myself, for quite a … Continue reading

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