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Big Mind: How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World

“A new field of collective intelligence has emerged in the last few years, prompted by a wave of digital technologies that make it possible for organizations and societies to think at large scale. This “bigger mind”–human and machine capabilities working … Continue reading

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Mapping Our Way to the Next Civilization

This blog started as a reply to a post by a friend of mine on Facebook. Bret Warshawsky wrote: “How about some love and co-creation? We’re beginning to map ‘Golden Innovations’ and need your help! When you see a post … Continue reading

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The comparative advantages of online dialogue

I wrote up the following points originally, in an online conversation on Facebook, related to Frederic Laloux‘ upcoming lecture on “How to Become a Soulful Organisation“: • We can pause for a moment of contemplating ( ) before answering to what has just been written, thus … Continue reading

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A Project for a New Humanism: an interview with Pierre Lévy

Pierre Lévy is a philosopher and a pioneer in the study of the impact of the Internet on human knowledge and culture. In Collective Intelligence. Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, published in French in 1994 (English translation in 1999), he … Continue reading

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The Evidence Hub: Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of Communities to Build Evidence-Based Knowledge

“Conventional document and discussion websites provide users with no help in assessing the quality or quantity of evidence behind any given idea. Besides, the very meaning of what evidence is may not be unequivocally defined within a community, and may require deep … Continue reading

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An experiment to combine electronic and mindfulness amplification processes

To follow on what I started exploring in my note about the personal and transpersonal meaning of increased technical connectivity, I want to put some seeds in the ground about the possibility combine electronic and mindfulness processes that amplify  the connectivity in the … Continue reading

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Heard in the Techno-progressive Pub…

The other day, I went to a meeting of London Futurists with the title When linearity met exponential – a summer at Singularity University. As expected, the conversation  was focused on various technological aspects of our future.  Towards the end I … Continue reading

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Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to an Omnipotent Global Intelligence

New paper by Francis Heylighen. Global Brain Institute Abstract: The concept of Singularity envisages a technology-driven explosion in intelligence. This paper argues that the resulting suprahuman intelligence will not be centralized in a single AI system, but distributed across all people … Continue reading

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Tribute to a hero of boosting humankind’s collective intelligence

Doug Engelbart died. My gratitude to Doug is more alive then ever. At the time of receiving this sad news, there were 2,310,000 webpages referencing “collective intelligence,” the science of which he was one of the first and most influential … Continue reading

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Conversations with Douglas Engelbart

Doug has just passed away. I honor his memory by publishing this interview I made with him 26 years ago. Conversations with Douglas Engelbart by George Pór Computer Currents, 1987 The coming “big bang” of the ’90s will be an … Continue reading

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