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A Fifteen Days Immersion in Madrid’s European Civic Hall – Open Source Politics – Medium

As part of a two-weeks hackathon on collective intelligence for democracy, Virgile Deville (Open Source Politics / Democracy Earth) went to… Source: A Fifteen Days Immersion in Madrid’s European Civic Hall – Open Source Politics – Medium

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Issue paper for the workshop on Collective Intelligence for the Common Good (CI4CG)

“The notion of the common good is a denial that society is and should be composed of atomized individuals living in isolation from one another.” (Encyclopedia Britannica) The workshop hosted by the Open University on September 29-30, 2014 is aimed … Continue reading

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Empowering Public Wisdom

See on – The Wisdom Frontier Excerpt from Tom Atlee’s essay: The public, as the collective supreme ruler of our democracy, has tremendous responsibility. The public needs to be able to find its own wisdom—public wisdom. COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE AND … Continue reading

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From hardware-based sensors of the physical to software-based sensors of the social

Quotes in this blogpost are from “Ecological Computing,” by John Seely Brown and Feng Zhao. Confluences and their combined confluence Looking back at the first decades of the third millennium, humans will see them as the era of the Great Transition, an … Continue reading

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Obama, collective intelligence, and Current TV

Al Gore made an intriguing comment about the presidential election at the recent Web 2.0 Summit. “One of the reasons we were all thrilled Tuesday night is it was pretty obvious this was a collectively intelligent decision.” That made me … Continue reading

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Combining social and electronic technologies for large-scale, collaborative meaning making

Large-scale, collaborative meaning making is a vital condition for dealing with crises and turning breakdowns into breakthroughs, locally and globally. To be effective, the social technologies for facilitating that transformation need to be supported by the best what emergent electronic … Continue reading

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Bringing “Collective Objectivity” to Society’s Decision-Making

As we discover and advance the possibilities for intersubjectivity and collective objectivity we must not let these become merely psychospiritual phenomena to be consumed by those seeking a group high. If we are to save our species and catalyze civilizational transformation, we must invest creativity in carrying these co-intelligent phenomena out into the political, governmental, and economic realms in ways that actually impact actual decisions and mass behaviors.
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“Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All”

In February, I wrote about Tom Atlee, pioneer of “co-intelligence”, whom I have the honor to call a friend. Tom talks about the following 5 dimensions of co-intelligence: multi-modal intelligence, collaborative intelligence, wisdom, collective intelligence and universal intelligence. His definitions … Continue reading

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