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In defense of complexity

Somebody wrote in a group on “Transforming Capitalism” in the Presencing community  : > all complex civilisations have collapsed at one point or another. Only ‘simple’ societies have managed to survive. In the spirit of helping each other unearthing our … Continue reading


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On vMemes and the yellow leading edge

Here is my second post to the Blog of collective intelligence and my first as a guest author. Thanks for your trust and openess George. In this posting I want to lay ouy some thoughts on the question on how … Continue reading

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When community intelligence becomes market intelligence…

Have you ever wondered what is common in “community intelligence,” “swarm intelligence,” “smart mobs” and “tipping points”? According to market intelligence guru, Britton Manasco, they are all about a “drift toward potential innovations that draw on the unspoken and unanticipated knowledge of today’s (and tomorrow’s) customers.”
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“The Wisdom of Crowds” and the colors of collective intelligence

about “The Wisdom of Crowds” and the colors of collective intelligence
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