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Video interview with Iceland’s president – how they saved their economy | Bright Green

See on – The Wisdom Frontier Davos, as someone else has said, is where the rich gather to work out how to get richer. See on

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Working Together: Unleashing Collective Intelligence, by Fabio Barone

When somebody can express thoughts with elegant simplicity in one page, thoughts that have been working on me for 25 years and inspired many of my articles, speeches, and book chapters, then I feel the Zeitgeist caught up with my vision. … Continue reading

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Message to Venessa Miemis about her “Pay It Forward Business Model”

Venessa wrote a fascinating blog entry  on “A Pay It Forward Business Model [in transition to a new global society].” It prompted the following open message to her. Dear Venessa, Your “pay it forward” model is hugely inspiring in all of … Continue reading


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CI through the “political economy” lens

What was “collective intelligence” in the cognitive and evolutionary contexts, becomes “general intellect,” in the language of political economy. The difference is not only semantic. The general intellect embodied in the collective knowing of the society, embedded in all the … Continue reading

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Gartner and the economic imperative of collective intelligence

InformationWeek reports that Gartner Inc. “identified the technologies it believes will have the greatest impact on businesses over the next 10 years, naming such hot areas as social-network analysis, collective intelligence, location-aware applications and event-driven architectures Collective intelligence was rated … Continue reading

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CI in the transcendence of private property

“Private property of the means of production today, in the era of the hegemony of cooperative and immaterial labour, is only a putrid and tyrannical obsolescence. The tools of production tend to be recomposed in collective subjectivity and in the … Continue reading

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The challenge of co-intelligent economy

“I’d like to see greater understanding, application, and nurturance of ALL dimensions and types of collective intelligence — even such mundane factors as designing economic measures of success such that the self-organizing market dynamics that get motivated by those measures (and the rewards associated with them) automatically generate outcomes that serve the quality of life of all who live within that economic system.” –Tom Atlee
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