What is Collective Intelligence

– “Intelligence” refers to the main cognitive powers: perception, action planning and coordination, memory, imagination and hypothesis generation, inquisitiveness and learning abilities.
– The expression “collective intelligence” designates the cognitive powers of a group. These cognitive powers are closely related to the group’s culture.
excerpt from the
Frequently Asked Questions about Collective Intelligence

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One Response to What is Collective Intelligence

  1. luc says:

    Collective intelligence is the topic of the RU3 project. Actualy developed in french, but soon in english, with the collaboration of researchers, designers, sociologists, and simples users. I hope you come to see our stuff about that, and hope you can collaborate to these ideas. The project is developed on a wiki : CraoWiki on http://wiki.crao.net/index.php/ProjetRu3 and the french web site is RU3.org on http://ru3.org/ru3/projet/index.html


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