” If our world is a living system of systems”

Sofia Bustamante wrote:
> If our world is a living system of systems (holistically embedded), then the base concept of ecology must have biological connotations…
I love both the depth of her insight and what it inspired me to see:
YES! Our world is a living system of systems. It is alive, expanding and contracting, dancing on the edge off chaords, between “nothingness and eternity.”
Sofia continued:
> And aspects like finance, social, environmental factors need be considered within this context.
YES, again! And when more of us understand, feel, and relate to them as living systems, we may even inspire the awakening of their sentience, who knows. Just imagine!

The particular aspect of the Whole that I’ve been sensing and perceiving alive, for the last 15 years, is our knowledge ecosystem, where all our ways of learning are dear species that gift the noosphere with unique contributions.
I co-designed and co-hosted a month-long, online Knowledge Ecology Fair in 1998, and wrote a paper for The Systems Thinker on ” Nurturing Systemic Wisdom through Knowledge Ecology”. (If anyone wants to get a copy, leave me a note.) Most of the possibilities for augmenting our collective intelligence and wisdom, which I dreamt and wrote about in the last decades of the past century, now seem to become a more timely proposal.
It’s delicious to be alive in a moment when the imagination and generative power of passionate pioneers from many generations and cultures, can be boosted by ever more capable social and electronic technologies of networking and liberation! All we need to do is to “turn up the courage” (Sofia) !

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