Diving into the CI of what is emerging

In the months that gone by since I last wrote in the blog, I’ve been on a fast-pace learning journey into emergent CI, not as a concept but as the living experience of people gathering in circles, in various countries, and diving into such questions as:
• What is our individual and collective learning edge?
• How can we grow competence in attending to and sensing from the whole?
• What is the role of collective intelligence in moving the edge of evolution?
If you want to read what other questions people in the evolutionary movement ask from themselves, here you will find a good sample of them.
Below are some links to places where I’ve been in active conversations with others interested in those and similar questions:

In December of last year, I participated in a Presencing workshop of Otto Scharmer, which deeply touched me and opened a powerful new application area for my CI research. In the months and years to come, I will attend how to bring successful CI tools and processes into cross-fertilization with Otto’s “social technology of freedom.”
That workshop also inspired me to design a virtual campus for presencing practitioners. Currently, I am working with a small team on optimizing it for boosting the CI of that field of presencing practice.
Few months before the Presencing workshop, I started building Evolutionary Nexus, an online community site that has this misison:

Evolutionary Nexus contributes to the emergence of conscious humanity by increasing the connectivity in the ecosystem of evolutionary initiatives, which will help realizing their highest potential as contribution to the whole.

CommunityIntelligence opened Evolutionary Nexus as a place where various transformative initiatives can meet, learn and work together. Its first user communities include:
• Evolutionary Salon on Collective Intelligence and Social Creativity
• Moving the Edge and the reports from the “Moving the Edge” retreat
In its current form, the Evolutionary Nexus site is far from what I envisioned what it can become but it is alive and continuously changing. There’s now a group of volunteer Nexus stewards working on its next big upgrade. If you want to get involved, please post a comment here.
There is ongoing series of events on the frontiers of the emerging new world, organized by thinkers/doers of the collective intelligence movement, harbingers of a peer-to-peer society, and other evolutionary agents. I will try to report on, or at least, link to as many as I can. I experience staying on that edge edge, as a potent accelerator of my learning. Doing it with you all, we could move even faster and deeper into co-exploration, then, co-creating “strategic microcosms of the emergent future” (Scharmer).

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