Facebook and Collective Intelligence

It seems that Facebook can help members in “real-life” communities and networks to be more visible to themselves and increase their opportunity to think, feel, learn, and act together. That brings up two questions:
What combination of current Fb apps could support a circle of friends in cultivating their collective intelligence and wisdom?
What new, innovative app can you imagine that could become a big CI booster? (Hint: some of the categories, into which I classified this entry, serve me as reminders of the context for this question.)

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3 Responses to Facebook and Collective Intelligence

  1. Carolyn Dare says:

    George, I keep thinking and mulling over our conversation on Friday, it’s around combining the virtual reality of second life with a facebook type of application – combined maybe with some of the latest gaming graphics.. so you would have movement – could even have a real ‘your’ avatar leading their life sharing their knowledge around a virtual world


  2. George Por says:

    Carolyn, yes, that’s an interesting idea and it can happen in a number of different ways, e.g.: 1. a merger of SL and FB, 2. somebody buys both, 3. somebody builds a bridge application connecting them, etc. Until any of that, or another solution will occur, what we can do is to push the edge of both platforms with uses aimed at boosting the CI of their user communities, IMHO.


  3. Garsett says:

    Hi George, I’ve looked into Facebook and OpenSocial and find them lacking in collective intelligence.
    I see various reasons for this: no shared vision, no collaborative filtering, no real interaction,…
    Those fragmented webapps don’t really channel ‘flow’ between people.
    In my opinion, users have to become WebPublishers, not of just blogs, but of various, integrated, innovative webproducts that can be traded in informal and formal markets.
    Our TeleCommunity platform can be used for any social network and features all the tools people need to work in a productive way, without distractions that companies can’t afford.


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