Research Assistant in Personal Knowledge Gardening and CI wanted

It’s not New Year yet but I already have a clear resolution that corresponds to a desire that has been ripening in my heart for the last couple of years. In 2008 and beyond, I will spend more time on research, reflection, teaching, and writing about collective intelligence and wisdom than consulting on their development and use in organizations. (It also means, the consulting projects I’ll keep will have to be of high potential impact for the common good.)
As a consequence of that resolution, I’m looking for a part-time Research Assistant with interest to support a Research Fellow at Universiteit van Amsterdam, engaged in the design of cutting-edge action research in the fields of Personal Knowledge Management and Collective Intelligence.
Depending on the resonance with the applicant’s own professional interests, tasks may include: managing the Blog of CI, interviewing me on emergent issues in our action research, wiki-fying documents, preparing presentation materials, etc.
It is a great situation for someone who is looking to make a positive difference in the world, by supporting an action research committed to that. The ideal candidate has both research and administrative skills, and is internet savvy.
The office is in Brussels, so living there or willing to travel there once a week, is required. Compensation will be based on mutual agreement about the depth and breadth of the support that the aspirant offers to be accountable for.
If you are interested, send CV and letter of intention to me at George(at)Community-Intelligence(dot)com. I will review all letters and CVs by the end of the year, and notify the applicants by January 7, 2008.
If you know someone who may be interested in the position, please pass on the URL of this entry: .

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