Visualizing social networks

I received this message via an email distribution list:
> you may have seen this already, but this is a beautiful example of visualizing networks (and their intersection). kind of a brain-like tool for community.
and responded:
Thank you for the pointer to the site. I looked it up and am happy for having done so. That’s because I think:
Increasing the capacity of people and communities to visualize their (online) social networks is essential to the evolution of Collective Intelligence (CI). I believe it is one of the key conditions to move from fleeting moments of collective consciousness of what we’re becoming to new, stabilized stages of CI.
It is also essential to “the advancement of the Collective Comprehensional Bandwidth. If mutual respect depends on understanding, and understanding hinges on information sharing, then anything that can be done to increase productive information sharing is also helping our world towards increased mutual respect.” (Jason Wilson)

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  1. 800 topics bouncing around

    Visualizing social networks .


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