All presencing is co-presencing

Talking about presence, Andrew Campbell wrote in email, what it means is not what it is — and does. It reminded me of Aurobindo’s saying, Man’s greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible.
What our times demand us to make possible is nothing less than what the unknown author of the following graffiti on the wall of the occupied Sorbonne asked in 1968: Soyez Oalistes, demands impossible! It is to bootstrap ourselves onto higher stages of individual and collective consciousness by simultaneously letting go of the illusion of a separate self-sense, yet embracing our full respons-ability for our choices in every moment.

If we lovingly cultivate the ground, the many branches of the root will absorb the nourishment and deliver it to the one trunk of being/acting in this moment.
That mindful state of being, the one, will then yield to the many wholesome possibilities, as it interacts and plays with the being/acting with other members of the tribe. (That insight was inspired by the Lightning Branchesartwork of Andrew Campbell. See it in his here).
In the moment of letting go of ego, what actually comes in the letting come, is the unfettered, higher potential of the species, which wants to manifest through our individual being/acting. In that sense, all presencing is co-presencing.
What if we have to exercise ego-less navigation on ocean of complexity, where cultivating our skillful means, or Competence, is just as important as Consciousness and Compassion, to raise see both the biggest context we can, and the pattern of the single, eloquent next step? What maps can help informing that step?
How can we map the roads that the multitude is taking, as we build them by walking on them?
What individual and collective practices do evolutionary cartographers of the now use?

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