Wisdom society and navigating towards it by CI

It was one of those rare teaching dreams. I was the captain of a ship returning to the harbor. There were cheering crowds waiting there, giving us a heroes’ welcome. They must have already known what we came back with.
It was not an ordinary ship sailing on water; we were explorers navigating in a different horizon of time, returning from the future. What guided our exploration was our individual and collective inner navigation. That’s what steered our ship into the unknown era calling us, which we grew to appreciate as the era of “wisdom society.”
Initially, there was no map to it other than the maze-like patterns of branching trees of new possibilities triggered by every turn we took, every choice we made. It was like UK artist Andy Campbell’s “Lightning Branches” that I discovered in Dave Pollard’s blog. See below.
To advance with confidence in the right direction emerging, we needed to turn navigation into a community art.

Thanks to the multiple, ego-less perspectives weaving themselves effortlessly into our decisions, it was like navigating from a space without blindspots. The diversity of contexts we represented, which was one of my criteria when I recruited the crew, was paying off. Major turns were preceded by scouting teams venturing in all relevant contexts and coming back with non-linear knowledge bounty. Decisions were very simple and graceful; they consisted of the joyful, collective validation of the revelations and epiphanies we received about the way forward.
As the captain of the ship, my job was not to tell the crew what to do but to practice diligently and teach the Yoga of Shared-Attention. Of course, that was the job of everybody else, too. In the world of this dream, what made one a captain of the expedition was his or her higher than average passion for and sustained attention to that task. It was not a permanent job, and we delighted in learning something new from every new captain.
Our visit in the era of wisdom society was exhilarating yet I can’t recall specific details. The only other thing I remember is that facing the almost impossible challenge of how to share this news when we’ll return to our harbor of departure, we started embodying it.
When I woke up in the morning, the dream’s meaning seemed clear but it raised a larger question on the nature of the ship ‘s journey, and the individual and collective inner practices of navigating without blindspots, without egoic distortions. The afternoon, a skype chat with my friend Olen brought an unexpected segue to it. Talking about his experience of our recent team retreat, he mentioned an expanded self-sense that included the field carrying the imprint of each of us. It rang resonant with what happened in the dream, too. Can it be a key to discover/invent the future?

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4 Responses to Wisdom society and navigating towards it by CI

  1. “Can it be a key to discover/invent the future?”
    Answer: Yes. One of many.
    I think the next level of collective intelligence is collective consciousness that actually flows in the Quantum Level in between us and a vibrant dynamic universe holding the responding and living infrastructure for such a communication.
    And that words are not enough for this quantum-driven collating of consciousness – art and music are far more efficient to find e. g. commonalities, and moving chaos, conflict and confusion reduced to the level that still maintains life, and at the same time leaves you with a temporary sense of order to thrive in chaordic stormy seas, to navigate – on your way to find your birth vision.
    Hope it makes sense – because I try to communicate in between the lines in the Quantum Level here at the same time…

    Sustainopreneurship = Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability


  2. George says:

    Anders, your comment about the role of arts and music is well taken and strongly resonating with own experience. For example, I grew to deply appreciate some of Andrew Campbell’s painting as great support on my journey to the farther reaches of my individual and collective inner spaces from which attention and intention arise.


  3. Openworld says:

    Greetings! Great to find your blog after seeing the Junto.cc forum link, and hearing about your work in a recent Junto/Skype convo with @sheriherndon and @mgusek555.
    I was struck by this post and Anders’ comment. A recent news item on an apparent confirmation of ‘quantum darwinism’ (http://j.mp/aaLxK0 ) seems on point. Although I may be reading too much into it, it seems possible that patterns in the layer of quantum potentials may cross an event horizon to observably “materialize.”
    The Lightning Branches diagram in your post suggests (to me) a way that patterns occurring at even a very small scale may become observable at our scale. Looking closely, the image suggests formation of a larger Moire pattern – “magnifying” the patterned structure depicted in the diagram.
    Perhaps the patterns of future possibilities at the quantum layer, when observed, similarly crystallize into standing waves, and form Moire patterns that our (possibly quantum-entangled) brains can sense?
    I’d be fascinated by your thoughts on this, and on on some other fractal-related ideas at http://is.gd/aI47o .
    Mark Frazier


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