The 4-fold ecosystem of CI – an inquiry into our survival

There are two questions that frequently keep me awake in the night or wake me up in the morning. This morning, they did it again. They are:

  • Shall we have the collective will and capacity to absorb the complexity of the impending crisis of crises, also known as the “perfect storm,” or shall we not, and be defeated by it?
  • If the winning scenario is to prevail, what it will take to make it so?

This morning, the pieces of the puzzle started coming together and asked for this blog entry.
It seems that our best hope for developing an adequate response to the perfect storm is in the collective intelligence of an ecosystem comprised of four fields:
1. Rigorous, scientific research on large-scale CI that provides coherent frameworks and methodologies for building successful prototypes of complex CI systems
2. Such social innovations as enlightened communications and deliberative democracy, peer-to-peer, and open source, coupled and supported by the best theories and practices of whole system change and large-group interventions
3. A post-metaphysical, evolutionary spirituality embedded in the great story, an inspiring context, the wisdom of which can support practitioners on all four fields
4. Advanced and emerging technologies for collaborative knowledge development and coordination, which can power of up the thought and action of CI researchers, social activists, and initiators of applying them to every area of social life

What does this potential ecosystem need, right now, to become real?
It needs, first of all, a burning curiosity of people active in any of the four fields to discover as many of the three others as they are capable to embrace. For example, if you’re a facilitator of the emergence of collective meaning and intelligence in organizations, it is good to be interested in how smart social software can help you breaking down barriers to, and liberating the full power of CI in and across workplace communities. If you also feel attracted to re-source yourself from the great story that keeps unfolding through your contribution to the evolution of consciousness, that is even better; your thoughts and actions will flow from a more holisitic perspective, be empowered by it, and it will help you helping your clients more effectively.
Obviously, what I presented here is a very bird’s-eye-view picture of the 4-fold ecosystem; better, more detailed maps are needed and will come hopefully soon.
This entry is the opener of an inquiry that I’d like to keep focused on the coherence of the whole picture introduced here and the two-way and circular value-flows among its parts. By the latter I meant the value that each field may bring to the three others. If you feel inspired to contribute to the inquiry with your thoughts and questions, please post them below. Please note that publishing them is not automatic (because of spam attacks) but I try to approve all comments within a few hours, sometimes minutes.

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