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A Project for a New Humanism: an interview with Pierre Lévy

Pierre Lévy is a philosopher and a pioneer in the study of the impact of the Internet on human knowledge and culture. In Collective Intelligence. Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, published in French in 1994 (English translation in 1999), he … Continue reading

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Issue paper for the workshop on Collective Intelligence for the Common Good (CI4CG)

“The notion of the common good is a denial that society is and should be composed of atomized individuals living in isolation from one another.” (Encyclopedia Britannica) The workshop hosted by the Open University on September 29-30, 2014 is aimed … Continue reading

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The Evidence Hub: Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of Communities to Build Evidence-Based Knowledge

“Conventional document and discussion websites provide users with no help in assessing the quality or quantity of evidence behind any given idea. Besides, the very meaning of what evidence is may not be unequivocally defined within a community, and may require deep … Continue reading

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Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to an Omnipotent Global Intelligence

New paper by Francis Heylighen. Global Brain Institute Abstract: The concept of Singularity envisages a technology-driven explosion in intelligence. This paper argues that the resulting suprahuman intelligence will not be centralized in a single AI system, but distributed across all people … Continue reading

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Announcing a CI conference at MIT, April 18-20, 2012

The conference description is presented here. Presentations Visualizing collective discursive user interactions in online life science communities Dhiraj Murthy, Alexander Gross, and Stephanie Bond  

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Collecive intelligence tools for supporting global cooperative work

The stellar line up of workshops at the upcoming ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work reflects the edge of CSCW research, with profound implications for the global-scale cooperative work needed to mach global challenges. Technically, it has become possible to connect … Continue reading

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How well can collective self-reflexivity scale?

I woke up this morning 4 o’clock and not only because the jetlag. Yesterday was the first day of the first World Café Research Conference. Due to the delay of the flight from New York, I arrived late and when … Continue reading

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