Who wants us to be afraid of collective intelligence?

Two vitrioloc attacks in three days, that’s how the conservative extremist of The Register welcomed MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. On Oct. 11, Andrew Orlowksi wrote in his aerticle under the title “MIT opens Junk Science Institute:”

“MIT’s Badger School already has a book project in mind – insultingly titled We Are Smarter Than Me – and you may be the next victim of the revolution.”

Fortunately, MIT is in good company if we consider all those who are Orlowski’s target in the same article: Wikipedia, Google, Linux and Deming’s.
Then, two days later, here he came again:

“MIT’s news Center for Collective Intelligence faces an uphill battle getting its cosmic crap turned into viable management consultancy.”

In his effort to insinuate the field, he goes on:

“The Soviet Union, China’s cultural revolution, Cambodia’s killing fields and Nazism are all the result of a collective mind.”

Finally, he crowns his scare tactics, by misinforming his readers about the scientific nature of the new MIT Center, and offering suggestions worthy of the horror stories of our current affairs:

Beheadings, throat-slitting and electric shock treatments are all practical suggestions for ridding companies of these “players of the pink oboe”…

Could somebody tell me what is the “pink oboe” so that I don’t touch it even by accident? 🙂

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