Blessed confusion – being overwhelmed by choices on the edge

A friend of mine wrote in an email,  “I’m in a wonderful space of confusion where I feel I’m shape shifting – my attention drawn in many new directions and calling forth different aspects of my being.”

Thinking that his predicament maybe sometimes yours too, I publish below my reply to him.

Blessed confusion, indeed! The multiplicity of juicy opportunities to prioritize is what happens when one lives on the edge of the evolutionary wave. In that process of prioritizing, something else also happens:

The awakening heartmind of humankind is organizing itself through the web of connections arising from our choices. For it, we are processors of opportunities for co-creation, collective intelligence and wisdom, at gradually increasing scale.

How do we rise to the task of sorting out our life/work project priorities, when seen in that transpersonal scope? How do we support best the planetary metabeing’s self-organization into Humanity 2.0, through our individual and collective choices?

First, by realizing that the implications of the apparently personal choices are, in fact, far from being only personal. They are vectors that affect the unfolding of the human story from this day on.

With a kosmocentric orientation we can tap into the field of Zeitgeist, of both our collective consciousness and unconscious,  and receive guidance to making choices about our life.

So, how do we do that? Isn’t that an important question worth inquiring into together? Here’s my contribution to an eventual co-inquiry.

After completing the list of directions that attract my attention, I transform it into a large circle, where I can draw lines across the directions represented by small circles (nodes) on the periphery of the larger one. Each by-directional link represents some sort of (potential or actual) flow between those nodes. They can stand for information flows, value flows, trust flows, etc.

When I have more time on hand and more curiosity of the nature of the web of relationships and associated opportunities that I am the fulcrum of, then I portray those different types of flows with different colors. Naming the links with labels (e.g.: “X node delivers Z value to Y node”) can also help our making sense and discovering interesting patterns.

That kind of lifework project diagramming allows me to:

  • do a background/foreground shift of my attention from a complex set of projects to a smaller number of patterns that connect them
  • resist the temptation to engage in appetizing new projects if they don’t match those patterns
  • discover federative concepts, driving themes, sovereign principles
  • prioritize my opportunities by align better my talents and aspirations with the highest leverage supporting the intentional evolution of culture and consciousness
  • detect the path of evolutionary impulse in my choices

As I mentioned earlier, in that process of prioritizing, something else also happens: the metabeing’s self-organization through our personal choices.The following quote sheds some light on the relationship between the personal and the meta perspectives.

“Whatever arises is the manifestation of Being and always has a meaning… The presentation of the dynamism of the Being is happening through the filter of our ordinary knowledge. Fixed beliefs, attitudes, and positions, mostly based on ego structures and defenses, impede and distort the flow…

What inquiry does is activate and invoke the optimizing thrust of the dynamism, inviting the Being to exhibit its hidden richness. Inquiring opens up our knowledge by challenging it, questioning it, understanding it… By understanding the distortions, we can see ad get to what Being is trying to unfold. At some point, that unfoldment will appear in pure manifestation — the direct, unobscured experience of true nature.” (Spacecruiser Inquiry, by A.H. Almaas)

The “Being” distinction in the work of Almaas, the spiritual teacher, refers to the Absolute. Nevertheless, the quoted idea is also relevant to our understanding how the fabric of our Emerging Planetary Reality weaves itself through such ordinary acts as filling in our calendar with future events that reflect our sense of priority arising from the project diagramming described above.

If who we become will depend on the choices we make, then what does the quality of those choices depend on? Among other things, on such qualities of the shared-attention of the various communities we belong to, as its focus and depth, scope and steadiness, alertness and multiplexing flexibility. Those are attributes of both individual and collective attention that can be trained but that should be the subject of another blog.

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