When transparent communication pervades all our social spaces…

Alia wrote:

> as long as there is a felt sense of a “me” to make these choices “consciously,” the choices MUST be exercised, yes, that is our response-ability. In the “effortless effort” state/stage, I suggest these are not experienced as conscious choices, but as simple, natural, inevitable expressions of Being.

Heartfelt thank you Alia for calling our attention to that. In the space of Being that you write from, I’m also aware that it’s not more than 1% of the population who shares that kosmo-centric awareness, and among the 3,322 followers of this blog it may not be more than 2-3%, which is about 100 people, who can appreciate the subtleties of these distinctions. I want to be able to have meaningful conversation through this blog with more than that.

Connecting with their inner experience of the moment when they can choose the attitude with which they participate in the (film) experience, is connecting with that part of me who knows such moments from my own experience. That connecting is effortless, indeed. I didn’t choose to enter into transparent communication with “Kuma” the film, or to write this blog. In fact, I had a book chapter to finish, which I pushed aside because I just had to write this up, as a natural, inevitable expressions of my being, to use Alia’s words for describing this state.

dream sequencesHere’s another example to illustrate another aspect of this point. When I don’t get enough sleep, then in my morning meditation I frequently doze off. When that happens, I may spend 20-30 seconds pursuing dream images. This morning, after using the “hot-cold-hot-cold shower” method of awakening the body, the dream sequences were fewer and shorter, more like 4-5 seconds… Then something fascinating happened. I caught a moment of entering in the brainwave zone of dreaming, before it arose. Standing right at the border between the zones, I’ve chosen to redirect my attention to the ground of being. Enjoyed the dance of choiceful awareness about what I pay attention to and choiceless surrender to a higher consciousness that wants to manifest in the meditation space.

All of the above are like baby steps. We will start really walking when we will have learned how to walk together, as one humanity, by letting transparent communication pervade all our social spaces.

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