Chaordic Chat Practice / social media jedis / ContemplaTweet

yoda.jpgChaordic Chat is a practice for social media jedis, I don’t use the “jedi” metaphor lightly but in its original meaning: jedis are bound to a code of morality and justice and are trained in the use of the light side of the Force.

That morality today, implies using the power of social media for supporting the unfolding of the Great Story, of the world transition to our Emerging Planetary Reality. It is a transition driven by the same evolutionary impulse that pulls you into learning and growing new, more complex capabilities.

Another practice for aspiring social media jedis is the ContemplaTweet. You can find out about its story in these blogposts:, and .

Chaordic Chat and ContemplaTweet are just two of the transformative practices that combine electronic and inner technologies waiting to be mastered by those social media jedis, who are not afraid of using them for the common good.

If you’re an aspiring jedi and appealed by either of those practices or just have a question or reflection about them, post it as a reply to the corresponding blog entry.

If you want to get trained in mastering those and other combinations of electronic and inner technologies for change making, drop me a line at george(at) When we’ll have enough aspirants to open a training circle, we will.

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