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In a conversation at CONTACT _Con-4191AF2D476 World-Citizen Panels about the irruption of the Icelandic volcano, Rolf Carriere wrote, “a beautiful example of distant proximities in our glocal world.”

Distant Proximities cover.jpgI googled “distant proximities” which led me to discover the book
Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond Globalization
by James Rosenau. You can download its first chapter here.

I can hardly wait to read the book because it seems to be very
relevant to our deeper understanding of the phenomena of “Earth Commons rising

The Foreign Affairs journal’s reviewer wrote about the book:”In this sweeping study of global change, Rosenau argues that the world is undergoing an epochal transformation driven by relentless scientific and technological advances that collapse time and distance and alter the dimensions of political space. . . . Rosenau convincingly illustrates the increasing complexity of global relationships.”

The destination of that growing collapse of time and

distance is also known as “technological singularity.”

Don’t even think about whom to blame for that collapse. Why
not, you ask?

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Image via Wikipedia

The cause of increasing complexity of global relationships
is not somebody to blame for, not any bad guys, not even some kind of
disconnect between the biosphere and the noosphere.

Below is the explanation of the previous sentence, by
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, whose writings helped noosphere becoming a household name among futurists, evolutionaries, visionary leaders and communities, and the
fans of a band  with the same name.

“Matter complexified from inanimate matter, to
plant-life, to animal-life, to human-life. Or, from the geosphere, to the
biosphere, to the noosphere… As evolution rises through them, matter
continues to rise in a continual increase of both complexity and
consciousness.” (Wikipedia)

Regarding the complexity/consciousness connection, I
noticed, 7 years ago
: The increasing number of nodes linked up in the global brain, and the
increasing number of pathways connecting them, create increasing opportunities
for the Zeitgeist to express itself through the growing number of voices tuned
with it.

Dilbert summed it up nicely:

Omega Point, told by Dilbert.png

Those of us with an interest in the cartoon’s underpinning in evolutionary theory may want to look up in Wikipedia:

Omega Point

Law of Complexity/Consciousness

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2 Responses to volcanic ash / distant proximities / Earth Commons rising / singularity / Teilhard de Chardin / Dilbert

  1. Chris Dymond says:

    Didn’t James Rosenau coin the phrase ‘fragmegration’? Studied him at university – must dig out notes…
    As an aside, I love watching the natural morality-driven adjustments that appear to occur in the emerging ‘collective’ (still don’t like any of the terms for what this is). Haque’s Law is my favourite expression of this: “In a hyperconnected world, the costs of evil explode!”. I hope the ‘collective’ stays sufficiently open for this to continue to bear out during my lifetime 🙂


  2. Bonjour,
    Description : Mon Blog, présente le développement mathématique de la conscience c’est-à-dire la présentation de la théorie du Fermaton.La liste des questions mathématiques les plus importantes pour le siècle à venir, le No-18 sur la liste de Smale est; Quelles sont les limites de l’intelligence tant qu’humaine et artificielle.
    Clovis Simard


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