Knowledge Management meets Collective Intelligence

I’ve just learned that the Southern California Cluster of KM Clusters will hold a “Collective Intelligence Networks” event in Los Angeles , Feb. 22, 2007. I wish I could be there but it’s unlikely that I can fly to the US just one for one day even if the program is very appetizing. I hope there will be some good harvesting from the event, which can contribute to increase the CI of the wider field of CI.
Their website says:

“Entirely new ways to share, trade and aggregate information using collective intelligence networks are growing rapidly. These networks help companies, schools, governments, and individuals to acquire, to create and lead ever-growing bodies of knowledge… Online collective intelligence networks continuously amass, codify, refine and advance knowledge and wisdom. Open, value-based networks enable far better decision making about product launches, features, policies and myriad other critical questions.”

The event may become yet another accelerator to the emergence of collective intelligence as a field of multi-disciplinary study and practice. If anybody reading this blog will go there, don’t forget to post your comment about your experience.

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1 Response to Knowledge Management meets Collective Intelligence

  1. Our company, that produces the TeleCommunity platform, has as its tag line: where collective intelligence bubbles up.
    See it in action: or better still: register for a free account, and I will be glad to show you how this platform can also benefit your institute.


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