Collective intelligence as integral capacity

Tom Atlee wrote in an email message:

> A capacity usually involves both being and doing. It manifests
> through doing, but usually requires some form of being.
> Intelligence manifests largely through solving problems. If you
> can’t solve problems of some type, most people wouldn’t say you were
> very intelligent.
> Intelligence is bigger than ‘problem solving’, but that’s sort of a
> core standard.
> Solving problems involves being able to see clearly, decide what’s
> relevant, reflect on it, not be prejudiced in ways that block your
> ability to do these things, etc. These things are as much about
> being as doing.
> Does one “apply” one’s intelligence, or just “use” it?
> Here’s how I think about CI:

> The ability to co-create the Wikipedia
> is collective intelligence at work. The ability of a co-op (or a
> couple) to make a decision together is collective intelligence at
> work. The ability of a country to stop destroying itself through a
> totally stupid war is collective intelligence at work.
> All the ways we can DO these things better — new forms of social
> software, group processes, information-gathering systems, political
> institutions like citizen councils — all these are resources or
> methods for ENHANCING collective intelligence. We “apply” THEM. But
> they aren’t themselves collective intelligence, any more than glasses
> are vision (vision being a capacity).
> Does any of this make sense? Is this all just my perspective?

An example of “CI as capacity” that Tom is talking about below, would be to connect this improvised, small-group conversation with any of the ongoing, larger conversations on CI, so that the brilliance of Tom’s ideas won’t get buried by the avalanche of email messages and be condemned to oblivion by it.
Such a capacity would need to be supported by the activation of all four quadrants:
The individual internal (upper left), where a person BEING and sensing from the Whole, realizes the importance of Tom’s insights for the evolution of the CI field’s self-knowledge.
The collective internal (lower left), where the group BEING and sensing from the Whole, has a culture that values, encourages, and rewards actions of feeding the shared knowledge ecosystem that is the foundation for its CI.
The individual external (upper right), where a person in the state of holistic (= SD turquoise) consciousness, who is inspired by her community’s culture, decides DOING the right thing and linking physically this stream of conversation with the larger, ongoing inquiry into CI.
The collective external (lower right), where a community enables the DOING aspect of its CI, by developing and/or financing the development of the processes, structures, and systems for making knowledge gardening extremely easy and inviting to all members.
I am curious of your questions that can move the edge of this inquiry.

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