Intersubjectivity in an organic pub

I wrote about intersubjectivity as a direct experience of CI, in a couple of entries of this blog but until recently I didn’t put myself in a situation of responsibility for facilitating it. That opportunity was given to me when following our conversation about How local meetings with global experts can boost CI, Chris Macrae invited me to talk to a small group in London, last week. We were all guests of the Duke of Cambridge who was very generous to us. No, not the member of the royal family but a trendy organic pub sporting his name, with good food and a lovely, little patio where we enjoyed the sun and an intriguing conversation. The invitation was to speak about my life’s work. Given that it’s CI, I thought it would be more interesting to not speak about but trigger an experience of it.

Besides creating a possibility to experience intersubjective consciousness emerging from authentic, present-time communications, I also wanted to return the favor of the people who came to meet me, by:

  • introducing them idea of the of the EVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP Learning Expedition that we’re designing with Peter Merry and plan to launch in September
  • inviting them to the pre-launch event, Basecamp One, which will take place, July 5-6 in Amsterdam
  • suggesting to explore what it may take to dramatically increase their personal effectiveness as agents of change

However, intersubjective conversations don’t have an agenda, so I suggested to split our time in two halves and address those questions in the second part. Instead of telling you what happened I suggest to read the blog entries of two participants, Johnnie and David.
Their notes reflect two stories of the same meeting, which reminds me that every event has at least as many different stories as participants. That’s because our narratives come through the unique mix of sensibilities, attitudes, interests, etc. that we bring to the event. If so, let collective intelligence benefit from that uniqueness. Here’s a simple process that can make it so.
1. In the next live meeting with fellow citizen of blogosphere, develop agreement about what is the question that matters the most to most of you around the table, at that moment in time.
2. Encourage everyone to blog their experience of what happened at the meeting.
3. Compare the notes, enjoy the diversity, make comments and trackbacks on each other’s entries.
4. The resulting ecosystem of ideas will be, most likely, a fertile soil, from which new meaning and unexpected possibilities can emerge. Seek the patterns that connect, also the salient differences.
(An example of a similar, 4-step process is described in The emergence of CI, an online experiment.)
If you will be so kind as to let me know about your experiment, it would help me weave the larger story of blogging for emergence.

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1 Response to Intersubjectivity in an organic pub

  1. Vicky Sadler says:

    Like the fact that your blog is not just about organics or environmentalism but a view of how people can change their outlook. My site has similar motives. Drop by sometime!


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